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Popular Sites You Shouldn’t Miss – Hong Kong Travel Destination

Are you planning to travel to the beautiful country Hong Kong? This is a destination packed with excitement and entertainment. Before, you book your tickets and apply for the visa, you have to do some research. Having a plan about where you would visit will help you make the maximum time for your vacation. The unique sites and world-class city is an attraction chosen by many foreigners. The daytime in this amazing destination is lively and busy, with theme parks, malls, etc. opened to locals and foreigners.

It’s a city to indulge in many attractive tours and packages. It’s a fabulous opportunity for shopaholics and entertainment during the night. So what’s in store in this amazing destination that people talk about? What are the popular sites that you should visit when you come here? Here are some top attractions rated by travel agencies and frequent travellers:

• Go on a shopping spree!

– Visit the crowded ‘Ladies Market’ situated in Tung Choi Street. It is a long distance of one-kilometer of stalls lined for you to shop to your hearts content. As the name suggests it a bazaar that sells many apparels and accessories for women. They sell cosmetics, bags, jewelry and many more.
– Shopping in the night is a fabulous experience when you visit the ‘Temple Street Night Market’. It starts to become lively, when the sun goes down. Traders from different markets gather to sell electronics, apparels, souvenirs and so on! Enjoy shopping with entertaining music and end at the fortuneteller’s stall!

• Chill out and relax in clubs or bars

– Search for the best club in Hong Kong to chill in the night with your friends or spouse.
– Visit some of the top restaurants and enjoy local and international cuisines prepared by top chefs in Town, Tartine, etc.
– Enjoy varieties of street food at many stalls while taking a stroll.

• How about a ride in Disneyworld?

– This is a place that excites children both small and young. Even more, it’s a landmark that adults could enjoy as well. The magical mysteries in this theme park await you! Open from day till night is a place filled with activities you would be engaged in. Musicals sung by favourite Disney characters, old cartoon and movies, ride around amazing landscape at Grizzly Glutch and more.
– Take a ride on the twisty, scary and turning roller coaster rides at the Ocean Park in the south side of this beautiful island. There are many rides and shows to see such as the dolphin show!
– Symphony of Lights is an area situated in sides of the Victoria Harbour. An Amazing display of millions of glittering and shiny lights of vibrant colours. It’s the world’s largest permanent sound and light show. Don’t forget to enjoy the music while having a drink in the best club in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour.

Why wait, plan a fun packed and thrilling adventure to indulge in the wonderful Island of Hong Kong.

Wedding Traditions

Many countries have managed to retain at least a few ancient wedding traditions which results in stronger cultural identity for the nation. Australia is no exception to these ceremonial beliefs. But these traditions are not seen in many weddings since many are unaware of its existence of string quartet. Thus, they are listed below in order to enlighten you.

The Smoking Ceremony

No, this not where the groom smokes takes a fag with the best-man to calm his nerves. This is more of a religious ritual. The Australian ancestors believed that smoke had healing and cleansing abilities. It was used to heal people when they were sick and were also used to cast off evil spirits. This tradition can be seen in weddings of families of old in Australia. They use either a smudge stick or burn a plant to create a fire and fan the smoke over the couple to cleanse them.

Acknowledging the Land

The couple has to acknowledge the owners of the land and those who visited the wedding personally. This includes going to each visitor in person and thanking them for their presence instead of the usual where the visitors come to congratulate you. This journey of gratitude is accompanied by wedding ceremony music. Before, it was played from drums but now it has been adapted into a more serene tune of flutes and guitars. Completing this ritual is believed to bring good luck to couple and allow them to begin their marriage in a positive way.

The Stone Ceremony

The early migrants in Australia were not able to afford fancy- or even ordinary- wedding rings. Therefore, they came up with a tradition in which the couple walks to a river for a beautiful wedding ceremony music and cast two stones into the river. This is supposed to be a symbolic representation of the couple’s deep unity and understanding in their marriage life, while the river represents continuous flowing of problems.


Though this tradition is not specific to Australia, it is seen in almost all the Australian weddings. After the ceremony, the guests shower the bride and the groom with rice as the couples leave the venue. It is believed that rice symbolizes a full pantry, and thus blessing the couple with a handful is supposed to bring them fertility and luck.

But they have lost their value and originality over the years and are not followed by many. Therefore, make sure to spread them across to bring them back to life.

How To Reap Profitably From Drinking Club Business

The business of running a club is quite demanding and if one plans well it’s actually the best place to make good profits very fast. Take a stroll in the streets of any modern city then one is likely to observe that social clubs are mushrooming every now and then. They predominantly erected in various places of the urban centres. Those folks who feel to have refreshments and enjoy themselves are often seen trooping into these clubs which offer quite variety of services to their clients. Club maids are always seen making turns from the counter to the smartly arranged round tables to serve their customers diligently. For a club to attract more customers and remain competent; then the customer demand tastes and preferences have to be taken good care of.

Soft background music serves well in a drinking club to create convenience for customers having conversations. For a determined club owner, music has to be played by a DJ hire Melbourne. Even though DJ hire in most cases is expensive but this should not be a reason for anyone who wants to remain relevant in the business for quite long. The investors have realized that serving their customers to their expectations is the only thing which can make them stay comfortable in the corporate world. It’s the primary goal of every business circles to understand the needs of their customers.

The waiters and waitresses are expected to look pretty neat and have welcoming business communication etiquette. It’s obvious that no one is willing to be served by people whose hygiene is in question. The club staff is expected to don smartly in attires that reflect the demands of their job. In situations where someone prefers to host a party in a club then it’s vital as well to have the club’s event photographer in Melbourne is suppose to around incase need for photos subsequently arises.

It should be in the back of every business oriented individual to put in the back of their mind that profit realization is not a one day achievement. As a business person doing business out there they ought to ensure that the interests of the clients are prioritized at all cost. Furthermore, to popularize a club considering the stiff competition in this sector then advertising is paramount. Advertising is a crucial tool which can objectively publicize a business within a shorter period. For this case, people of different walks of life can be seen making into a particular club if well advertised to drink what they can afford.

For wedding DJ, the type of music should suit the wedding occasion and often it’s played loudly because it’s always attended by a large multitude. Otherwise, having an attractive personality is another way of maximizing profits in this business. Any person whose personality is detestable can cause a harmful repercussion to one’s business. This is simply because; they can scare away customers instead of attracting them.

To conclude, any business should aim at attracting customers and try at all costs to maintain the existing ones and is only achievable if the manager of the club ensures that the staff is behaving well towards the customers.