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Balloons As Harmless Sources Of Entertainment

When you’re a child everything seems magical and funny and children especially enjoy parties with lots of friends, cake and balloons. The latter were not so popular until around 60 years ago when magicians first introduced them in their illusionist shows; and ever since, slowly but surely many fans of balloons have experimented and practiced on long balloons how to shape them into figures, and that’s how the quality balloon twisting figures became an art which requires a whole set of skills and imagination from its balloon artist, also known as a twister.
Twisting balloons do not look or feel like the other regular balloons, they are more porous and they cannot be inflated with helium because the figures they’ll represent will not even need to fly but stay put to be admired.

There are 2 basic design styles for the balloon twisting technique: the one with only one balloon, where the twister is making shapes and figures out of just one single, uninterrupted balloon and the other design style is the one with multiple balloons, where the twister introduces as many balloons as necessary to form a complex figure, character or plants. Along these 2 design styles, the balloon artist can also weave or stuff them in order to get the desired result.

Balloons are kids’ best friends with their shapes and colors altogether
Balloon twisting figures can be present at any event where there’s a celebration of any kind but they are a permanent trait of parties for kids. They are the ones who really appreciate the balloon figures and they are very happy when they can see their favorite cartoon characters or very lively balloon dishes and who knows what else, because the twisters can make pretty much anything with those balloons. Click here for more of harmless sources of entertainment.

A room decorated entirely with balloons will make the children go wild with enjoyment and catch all their attention while they investigate all the figures they can spot, cartoon characters like Tazz the Tasmanian devil or Bugs Bunny, princesses and Tinkerbell are the main attraction and adding to that a bridge made out of balloons or a small house also from balloons and they’ll never want to go home again.

The best balloons for twisting are the ones called “pencil” and they are 60 inches long. We can see why they’re so good at twisting since they’re length allows the balloon artist to bend it and twist it in any shape and form possible. After the pencil there are also the “apple”, the “bee body” and the “airship” balloons which are used only when dealing with specific complex figures, because of their forms.

Twisting balloons is a form of art and the twister must be creative, imaginative and skilled to perform everything he’s asked right on the spot, and because of that there are books and teaching classes now on how to twist figures from balloons because after all it’s a profession, especially when you love to be around kids.